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BNI Boot Camp with Chapter 66 in Central Park

As a team building exercise BNI Chapter Super 66 lived up to its moniker and decided to enlist the help of one of its own members. Joshua Margolis who is the Founder and lead Fitness Consultant with Mind Over Matter Health & Fitness (affectionately known as M.O.M. organized and conducted a BNI Boot Camp class in Central Park.

The purpose was two-fold. To bring about better cohesion within the chapter, and above everything else have some fun and laugh at ourselves. Suffice to say a lot of calories were burned in the process.

While most One-to-Ones happen in an office or a coffee shop, this group pushed the parameters of a "dance card." Sometimes one of the best ways to get to know another member is through exercise. Ultimately that leads to building a better relationship and a better understanding of one another. The competition, albeit friendly, that took place is yet another way. It truly brings out the best in all of us. As Joshua stated "You don't really know a person until you're in the trenches with them."

This was a perfect way to go outside the box of the typical BNI dynamic, all the while enjoying the company of one another. A good time was had by all and there were no injuries to report. Everyone walked away under their own power with most of their pride still intact. Already everyone is looking forward to the next time around.

Director Consultants From Three Continents Meet at BNI 70

Nicholas GorskiDirector-Consultant, BNI Southeast France, LinkedIn
Ben PruskyDirector-Consultant, Manhattan BNI, LinkedIn
Jay KantawalaDirector-Consultant, BNI Sparkle, Mumbai South, LinkedIn

BNI Chapter 70's Newest Video

Crains NY Article:
How to Win Business and Influence People in NYC's Cliquey
and Competitive Networking Groups

Crains Article on Manhattan BNI

Real estate attorney Jay Zimner at a BNI meeting at the Cornell Club.
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Dancing the Two-Step to Growing Your Own Business

Charlene Nixon, Manhattan BNI Director Consultant, just released her newest book

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BNI First Thing in the Morning
by Chapter 60's Charles DeBenedittis

BNI Awards at National Conference

William Bolls and Andrea Kent with Ivan Misner at the BNI National Conference in Savannah, Georgia

BNI Awards at National Conference

JP Pullos, Jacqueline Frank, Charlene Nixon, Michael Brathwaite, and Todd Hallinger
with Ivan Misner at the BNI National Conference Awards Dinner in Savannah, Georgia

Five Days, Five Lunches, Twenty-Seven 1-2-1's: My BNI Spring Lunch Project

by Walter C. Ramin

As a devout BNI member, I continually ask myself, “How can I pass more referrals to fellow BNI members? How can I really connect with the members that are inside my chapter, but outside my power sphere, on a deeper level?” Giver’s gain.

This is where I launched “My Spring 1-2-1 Lunch Project.”

I made five lunch reservations over the course of one week. Taking advantage of restaurant week pricing at some of NYC's best restaurants, I sent a mass email to the chapter inviting everyone to pick a day that worked for their schedule. The days filled up quickly with members claiming their seats. My lunch project was "sold out" almost instantly.

I had each lunch table full of a random assortment of BNI members, keeping the number to a maximum of 6 members. Regardless of power sphere, or industry, my goal was to dig deeper and find the unlikely connections that lie therein. I knew this time had to be valuable for everyone at the table, as well as myself, so instead of referrals which are “5’s,” I wanted to dig deeper and learn about their “1” referrals.

So, using the referral slip as a point of reference, I pointed out that a "5" on the thermometer indicated a hot referral. As an example, last week, I overheard one of my clients complaining about their office computers. They were slow and virus-ridden. I referred my chapter's IT person, Brian Murphy of Murph Consulting, whom was there the next day, fixed the problems, and collected a check. An easy "5", right?

Now, I thought, “What about the other clients I have, who one day, may need IT support?” “Could I make those introductions now?” My clients trust me. I can simply make an introduction. We all give testimonials about each other at our weekly meeting, I can give a great testimonial to my best clients about a member of BNI that could potentially be an excellent source of business. This introduction is more “You should know this person,” a “1” referral, as opposed to “This person has a problem, let’s solve it,” a “5” referral.

With this in mind, I asked everyone around the lunch table, “Who are your “1’s?” What kind of passive introductions can I make for you? Who are your best client types? With whom do you do your best work?“

What I had learned really opened my eyes and drew some great connections between our chapter members. I learned our Trust and Estates attorney would like to be introduced to Nursing Home administrators, as they are a good source of referrals to families. I learned our printer knows the ins-and-outs of print campaigns for not-for-profit organizations and would like to meet more. I learned our residential Real Estate agent would like to be introduced to other real estate agents outside of NYC because empty-nesters moving back to the city from the suburbs. I also discovered other connections such as, the matrimonial attorney refers to the mortgage broker for refinancing before a divorce and the medical marketing expert and the printer both know and want to meet pharmaceutical reps.

This project gave us the opportunity to mix it up and connect on a much different level, allowing us find these new and unlikely connections with members new and old. It was a much deeper and meaningful discovery which I know will lead to more referrals and more close business. The biggest take away from “My Spring 1-2-1 Lunch Project” was how we can not only continue to listen for new opportunities, but also be intentional and proactive in creating more opportunities for our chapter.

Walter C. Ramin is a Senior Account Manager at Merchant Department and 5-year BNI Member of Chapter 53. He loves referrals to small-to-mid sized locally-owned businesses.

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The BNI 6th Annual Cruise was Thursday July 26, 2018
aboard the fabulous Hornblower Yacht.

Thursday July 26th 2018

6:30pm Pier 40 - West Side Highway at Leroy Street (near Houston Street)
Yacht sets sail promptly at 7:00pm
Click to view map

The cruise includes:


Men or Myth
Band contact: Mike Knuff, Chapter 53

Chapters should organize and collect for the chapter, then submit payment for the entire number of attendees directly to Todd Hallinger at Manhattan BNI. Credit cards can be used but will not be available online, all payments must go through our office.

Have your chapter submit a check for all those attending by July 9th. The price is $130 per member or guest if paid by July 9th, $140 after July 9th. Chapters that make payment before the deadline can add additional attendees at the lower rate.

You will receive BOARDING BANDS for your chapter's attendees prior to the event to hand out at your meeting.

Contact Todd Hallinger for more information or to register directly.

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