Membership Apps & Payments

Here’s how BNI will boost your business:

  • BNI is the largest business networking organization in the world.
  • Only one representative from a business classification is allowed per chapter. Once you’ve joined your competitors cannot.
  • Every applicant for membership is evaluated for professional competence, integrity and reliability.

After you've visited a BNI Chapter and are ready to become a BNI Member, follow these steps:

Step 1: Click Here to search for the Chapter Website you are applying to.

Step 2: Type in the Chapter Number in the Name Field and press Find.

Step 3: Click the Chapter Link in the Search results.

Step 4: Click the Apply Now link when you reach that Chapter's Website.

Step 5: Complete and Submit the Online Membership Application.

Step 6: After you Submit the Completed Application, the system will email further information to you.

You will be notified of the decision of the Membership Committee within one week. If the Membership Committee needs longer than one week to make a determination, you will be informed within one week that the deliberations are continuing.

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